Permit Applications & Specs

Building Permit Application FORM


1. No work may begin until the permit is issued. Expect a wait of up to one week for the permit to be issued.

2. The permit application must be filled out completely to avoid delays.

3. If the work is done by a contractor he must provide a certificate of insurance or fill out a WC/DB-100 this form must be approved by the NYS Worker’s Compensation Board and must be notarized.

4. If the work is being done by the homeowner you must complete a BP-1 it must be notarized.

5. Two copies of the plan for construction must be included. The plans should show a footprint and a profile and must include dimensions of the work and dimensions of the material being used. A plot plan showing distances to lot line and structures must be included.

6. You must call for the required inspections, a list will be provided for you with the permit. Upon completion you must call for a final inspection so that a Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance can be issued.

7. No structure/ installation may be occupied or used until a final inspection has been completed

Affidavit of Exemption to Show Specific Proof of Workers’ Comp Insurance FORM