Dog Licensing

Dog Licenses are obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall, 16385 Church Street in Clarendon.  Please bring a current Certificate of Rabies Vaccination and Certificate of Spaying/Neutering.

2024 Rabies Clinic Schedule

Please realize that the licensing fees below are listed separately showing town and state revenue from the license purchases.  Total due for a spayed or neutered dog is $7; an unspayed or unneutered dog is $15.

Dog Laws


All dogs age 4 months and above, harbored in the Town of Clarendon, shall be licensed in the municipality pursuant to the fees set forth as follows; as may be amended by the Town Board from time to time:


Local License Fees:

1.  Spayed or Neutered dogs  $6.00

2.  Unspayed or Unneutered dogs $12.00

3.  Purebred: No more than 10 dogs $25; 11-25 dogs $50.00; More than 25 dogs $100

4.  Replacement Tags $3.00 each


New York State Surcharges:

1.       Animal Population Control Fund

a.       Spayed or neutered dogs   $1.00

b.       Unspayed or Unneutered dogs   $3.00


Exception – Guide dogs and other service dogs harbored within the Town of Clarendon shall be exempt from all local license fees and NYS surcharges.