Hillside Cemetery

PO Box 145

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For information regarding a grave site and/or burial, please
contact Administrator Melissa Ierlan @ 638-6371 ext. 104

Adopted 4/20/2004; Revised 9/14/2004; 1/11/2005; 6/20/2006; 7/17/2012; 1/1/2015

Grave Site:

Single lot purchase and perpetual care:

T/Clarendon & T/Murray Resident at time of purchase $600.00

[rev. 6/20/2006; 7/17/2012]
Non-Resident at time of purchase $700.00
[rev. 6/20/2006; 7/17/2012]

Veteran – Purchased by Orleans County Veterans Office $450.00
[rev. 6/20/2006]

Purchase of a Grave Site in two payments requires a 25% (of the total cost) down payment and
balance will be due in one payment within one year of the initial purchase. Interment will not
take place on site until site is paid in full. [rev. 9/14/2004]


Full Body Interment $550.00 [rev. 7/17/2012]
Cremated Remains $300.00 [rev. 7/17/2012]
Storage fee for each body stored in the Hillside Cemetery Chapel $ 150.00
If body is buried at Hillside Cemetery, this fee will be applied to the burial fee at that time.
If the body is removed from the Chapel and buried elsewhere, the Town will retain the fee.
[rev. 1/11/2005; 7/17/2012]
Saturday and/or Holiday Burial:
Additional fee for Saturday and/or a Holiday Service $300.00 [rev. 1/1/2015]
Late Fees: There will be a 5% late fee assessed each 30 day billing period on the amount
remaining unpaid and paperwork clearly indicates no burial will be allowed until full payment is made
for cemetery plot. [rev. 1/11/2005]