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Clrendon, NY 14429

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Town Hll Offices nd Court will be closed October 9th, 2017 for Columbus Dy.

Orlens County is looking into long-term options for improving Lke Ontrio Stte Prkwy nd would like to her your thoughts on how you use the Prkwy, wht it mens to you nd the community, nd wht the future of the Prkwy holds. Visit to complete the survey.    Thnk you for your help with this project!

Tim Germn, Plnner
Orlens County Deprtment of Plnning nd Development
14016 Route 31
lbion, NY 14411
Phone: (585) 589-7000 ext 3187 Fx: (585) 589-8105

ccording to Dvid Copelnd's "History of Clrendon", the story goes like this:  In the yer 1810, Brother Issc Frwell ws living on old Ridge Rod, ner Frnsworth Corners. Issc's horse stryed off, so Eldredge went to look for it, following its footprints long the borders of Sndy Creek to the wterfll in present-dy Clrendon (we now hve  prk t the bse of these flls).  Eldredge recognized tht wterflls were  source of energy, nd s such, precious for business purposes.  One cn imgine his excitement s he told his fmily of his plns." Excerpted from "Imges of Clrendon Pst"

The Town of Clrendon is n equl opportunity provider nd employer.  To file  complint of discrimintion write to: USD, ssistnt Secretry for Civil Rights, Office of the ssistnt Secretry for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence ve., S.W., Stop 9410 Wshington, DC 20250-9410.  Or cll toll-free t 866-632-9992 (English) or 800-877-8339 (TDD) or 866-377-8642 (English Federl-rely) or 800-845-6136 (Spnish Federl-rely).